So yep, we have…


So yep, we have a hole in the ground–a really big one, and it looks great. In fact, the whole thing was suspiciously easy, so the excavators, together with our contractor, decided to call in an engineer. I’m still amazed that they were able to get somebody here pretty much instantly. He looked at the spongy clay in what will (hopefully) be our new basement, took a soil sample, and prescribed a greatly upgraded foundation–if my memory is correct, there will be concrete-and-crushed-rock footings going EIGHT feet deep (one in each corner, 3′ square, and one in the middle as well). The foundation will go ON TOP of those piers. I’m assuming this will cost roughly the same as, say, the roof. $igh. It also means a bit of a delay in the proceedings, as our contractor will be away and this new plan needs to be supervised by him directly, so we have a reprieve and some breathing room for the next week. As you can see, the dogs LOVE this new clay playroom, and we’ll be shooing them out of it, plus keeping them away from the backhoe and the slowly compressing mountain of relocated dirt, for the upcoming week. Since I’m going out of town on the day before work resumes, stay tuned for updates after July 2! And keep your fingers crossed for at least SOME dry weather. Here’s a view of the soggy wall:


Lovely, right? (Actually, I think it’s beautiful, spongy or not.) And here’s an image of the orange safety fencing and backhoe that currently dominate the view from Red Hill!



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