now and then #10: married

2013_Lil_twirlA few years ago, in an early “now and then” post, I included some pictures that my dad had shot and said they were probably the last pictures I’d publish that I hadn’t taken myself. Well, so much for that prediction; these images from my daughter’s wedding last August are so harmonious with some of our old family pictures that I had to include them in some pairings. Since I’m long overdue for a now-and-then, I feel justified in doing a long one now! Lily and John’s wedding pictures were taken by their friend Sebastian Orr, whose website is here:, and also by our friend Caitlin Morris, who used a vintage Hasselblad to make the image shown above.



The first wedding-dress image was taken when Lily was four years old; my sister Susan sent her the dress as a birthday present. She was self-conscious but awkwardly delighted when wearing it, and we posed for a series of portraits that I shot with my twin-lens Rolleicord on our funky wooden deck. Back then, with a new baby (Ben) and a fairly new job teaching photography, I didn’t have my daughter’s eventual wedding on my mind.



The picture of Mom, on her parents’ stairway in 1954, was taken right before she left on her dad’s arm for her own wedding, a mile away at the Congregational Church in Norfolk, Connecticut. The pearls and headpiece she’s wearing were the same ones Lily wore at her own wedding 59 years later. In the photo above–a bit less formal, right down to the bare feet–Lily is standing in Beth Neville Evans’s studio for the final fitting of her dress.



When Lily’s and John’s wedding pictures were uploaded, this one struck me so vividly as an echo of the same image of my parents walking down the aisle. Mom and Dad looked a little more subdued, but the feeling is the same.


2013_WeddingBubblesThe black-and-white image above was taken on a camping trip to Sherando Lake, probably in 1996 (Lily and Evan were almost two and almost 11). I was happily stunned by the symmetry of this image from the wedding after-party, also in the Blue Ridge Mountains at Montfair Camp Resort. Same faces and gestures, 17 years later. Nothing shows patterns more than family photographs.


2 thoughts on “now and then #10: married

  1. Beautiful brides, past and present, and at various stages of life. Thank you so much for this and other recent updates and postings of your life in Albemarle County. You are a treasure for the Red Hill, North Garden area. To paraphrase a slogan from WWII, “Keep ’em coming!” WWII was, “Keep ’em Flying.”

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