a time to play

a time to play

This summer, I’m taking an online course (an experiment in itself!) on iPhone photography. Called “iPhone Artistry,” it’s taught by Dan Burkholder through ICP in New York, and I’m scrambling to absorb and understand the many apps and techniques we’re learning every week. I’ve never been big on altering photographs, but I’m trying to let go of my usual way of seeing in order to figure out how to incorporate new methods into my work. The iPhone is a fantastic sketchbook; it’s that cliche, the camera you always have with you, but it’s also incredibly fun to play with the images and try things that you’d never do otherwise (at least, you wouldn’t if you were me). In that spirit, and in an attempt to get my blog going (again!), I’m going to start posting iPhone images regularly. Feedback is welcome, and questions (as in “How’d you do that?”) are welcome!


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