down the rabbit hole



As my iPhoneography class continues on into week six, I find that the tools and techniques we’re learning are becoming a solid part of my photographic vision. It’s easy to get caught up in playing with these apps, and before I know it I’ve spent 45 minutes or more down the editing rabbit hole, transforming and combining images and taking more risks with special effects and radical changes (well, radical for me!).


I’m still getting used to these ways of altering “normal” images, though. Why has it always seemed acceptable to me to use old-school methods of playing with pictures–toning, hand-coloring, applied emulsions, etc.–but felt like cheating to do these things digitally? Even the digital borders seem just a little bit wrong. And yet, I like–even love–the way they look, and I am able to create new images quickly in a way that I simply can’t if I’m relying on chemical photographic methods.

photo 1

Without further commentary, here are a selection of pictures, taken around Red Hill (mostly), using Hipstamatic, Autostitch, DistressedFX, and Phototoaster to alter the images. With all of them, I did an initial edit using Photoshop Express to correct clarity, sharpness, and exposure, just as I would with DSLR images using Lightroom on the computer. No matter what cameras and methods I’m using, I continue to love making pictures in the place where I live.



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