exploring Hipstamatic (even though I’m not remotely “hip”)


After so much immersion in editing my iPhone pictures, it’s refreshing to return to Hipstamatic–one of the first phone apps I tried three years ago–with an eye for what I want to make. It was really helpful to organize the damn thing, for starters, and I deleted about 20 accidental “favorite” combinations and stuck with a few that I like, plus added a couple of new ones. Now I can tap the little star and have a half-dozen distinctive styles to choose from, for situations where I want that particular look and don’t have time to indulge in lots of editing and “stylizing” afterward. My newest experiment is the “Tinto” lens, which simulates the look of tintype photography.

2014_Hipstamatic_TintoC5I actually have an tiny family tintype of a couple of great-uncles, and I love its silvery glimmer and subtle tonalities. The colorized Tinto app (using the C-type “film” in Hipstamatic) is not an exact replica, fortunately, but has a unique look and somewhat unpredictably shallow depth of field.



Here are a few examples, shot around the house in varying light–I actually prefer the low-light interiors, but am interested in hearing what other people think about this approach.




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