an app (or two) a day



I just don’t seem to be able to stop playing with new apps for the iPhone. This week our class assignment was simply to experiment with several of the painting and texturizing apps–more on that to come in a day or two–but our instructor also mentioned an app called “Koloid,” which simulates actual hand-developed plates and lets you roll around the virtual developer by tilting and swirling the mobile device.


Ridiculously fun, and you can use it to shoot a new image or apply the effect to an existing one. I had a great time fooling around with it yesterday and found that for my own work, it creates the best effect with high-contrast light (or a contrasty color image).


Keeping in a similar vein, I turned to the tintype Hipstamatic filter (Tinto) when a big thunderstorm blew through in the late afternoon. After documenting the storm clouds using the more journalistic “Lowy” lens in Hipstamatic,


I switched to the Tinto/D-Type plate combination to shoot a few more images of the rain.


I’ll definitely be keeping these faux-old-school methods in my photographic toolbox!




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